Letter to all my wonderful customers: Each of you make what I do that much more wonderful and I am always willing to work with an individual when possible. All puppy deposits must be received within one week of a puppy being put on hold (unless special arrangements are made) or puppy will return to Available status!  This decision has become necessary due to individuals that say they are mailing a deposit, but never do!  A quick phone call to say ... oops .... didn't get to the post office when planned will remedy this problem as I am a very reasonable person.  Deposits will be accepted in check/money order/paypal (fee is your responsibility) and credit card (as long as it works on my system) etc. but cash is required for the balance at time of Pick Up.  The only exception is for those that pre-pay at least one week in advance of pick up....with a credit card, as the payment needs time to clear.  Please visit the Available Puppies pages and prepare to fall in love!  Contact me to be placed on the waiting list if you are not quite ready to adopt! Available Puppies Page 1 generally provides pictures of adoptable puppies while page 2 and 3 may provide pictures of available puppies as well as photos of pups already sold but not yet picked up.  We generally try not  to remove pictures unless the litter in entirety has gone home. 
Available Puppies' Adoption Guidelines
POINT 1. Puppies generally do not go home until a minimum of 8 - 10 weeks. This policy is for the well-being of the puppies.
Point 2. Vaccinating puppies does not necessarily guarantee they will not catch what they have been vaccinated for, but generally does improve their chances of survival. A vaccine can take up to 5 days to be fully functional, so common areas should be avoided, such as parks, floors at animal hospitals, or areas frequented by wild animals such as foxes, raccoons, rats, bats etc. Vaccines must be administered as advised to be affective and when multiple vaccines are required this means that until all boosters are completed the dog is not fully protected. even when fully vaccinated, a varied strain may still be contracted.
Point 3. Every puppy is unique in both disposition and physical characteristics. Changes may take place that are out of the control of breeder and owner. From time to time a puppy may develop a bite that is wrong, a cherry eye, or even a bad joint. A dog may also become intolerant of young children or dog aggressive, again not as a result of something that breeder or owner has or has not done. Despite a very careful breeding program some things just are...not because someone did something, simply because something did not go right. Please do not hesitate to contact me for help with a problem, suggestions on how to handle behavioral issues or questions regarding things you may not have the answers to. I am always here to help. Please do not call with the idea that you need to blame me for some difficulty that has arisen. I do not provide any puppies for adoption that I view as potential health risks or Behavioral problems. Each Lhasa is thoroughly assessed both physically and mentally before it is determined to be adoptable. When a "special" pup is found it is adopted with full disclosure. We want you to come back for another puppy so it serves no good purpose to be dishonest except to create distrust...and this is definitely not our goal.
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