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S'mores & Medallion Expecting 5/16/18
S'mores is co-owned by Angel,
Angel is 13 and delivered her Lhasa's litter on the night of 5-13-18 all by herself. This is a wonderful testimonial of the special bond a Lhasa apso can share with a child. S'mores trusted her 13 year old owner to deliver her litter of 4 puppies.
Boy - DOB - 5-13-18 Bl & Wh w/white socks on his front feet. $900
Boy - DOB - 5-13-18 Bl & Tan w/white shoes. $950
Boy - DOB - 5-13-18 Bl & Wh. Very little white. $900
Girl - DOB - 5-13-18 Bl & Wh. w/wh feet. $1,000
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