Pumpkin found her forever
home with the adoptive
parents of our wonderful
boy Coal (also an adult 
adoption.  Now they will
have two Lhasa apsos to
show off around town. This
couple has proven beyond
words that adult adoptions
can provide such blessing
to both Lhasa and adoptors.   At 4 years young she was one of my best ever mothers and is lively and fun.  She exudes happiness and will be sorely missed here; I am very glad she is not going to far as from time to time I can see her and Coal.  Thank you John and Cheryl.
My Sumatra found Pauline, a wonderful lady with lots of love to give this special girl.  I am amazed at how God always sends the right person for the right dog.  She is settling in quite quickly and has found her new owner's lap the most comfortable spot to sit...something that seems to make both Lhasa and new owner very happy.  She has also determined that one of her new jobs is bathing the cat.  They both seem to be fine with this idea.
This is our Double Stuff now Carl's Rocco.  I don't think a better match could have been found than these two for each other.  Carl is a big sports fan and (as this picture may suggest with the matching shirts) Rocco is right there with him, cheering whatever team his daddy is rooting for.  This is a match made in heaven...and I really mean that!
Scout, now know as Maggie Mae, was a wonderful girl. She was retired early because her heart was just to free to be here. God sent Ken and Debi, the perfect home for her. Now they are a family and she has never been happier. She goes to ball games, boating, and enjoys riding in her new parent's convertable.
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Chocolate - a three year Lhasa apso and a wonderful little girl has found her forever home with my new mom, Michele. She got a bit stressed as she transitioned into her new home, but has quickly adjusted and stolen her new mom's heart.
My name is Rocco & I am 8 years young. Things weren't looking so good for me, I was a bit of a hard head. Adoption would be a bit of a "challenge".My new mom and dad both love me very much. I am trying very hard to be a good dog. Thank you for giving me a chance.
My name is Cookie. Dawn won the Lhasa apso lottery when she got me....I adore her and she adores me. We will always take care of each other!