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This page is for your benefit and I provide permission for the printing of this page to anyone purchasing a puppy from me to help ensure the transition is a smooth one.
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Puppy Arrival Preparations:
My new puppy _____________ is coming home on ??/??/????. What will I need before I bring my little one home?
1-One small crate (one that would fit a normal sized house cat).
2-Two weighted dishes (one for food and one for water), that will not flip over when puppy decides to play in them. A water bottle can also be used for water as all of our puppies are trained to one from a young age. This has a big advantage over water bowls as you eliminate spills!
3-One bag of Puppy Food - Purina Pro Plan Puppy (Chicken and Rice) - Nutro Puppy (Chicken and Rice) - Or a brand where meat, preferably chicken or turkey is the # 1 ingredient (Lhasas would never have eaten beef in Tibet where cows were sacred so they were developed into the breed we have today on a diet of primarily chicken scraps). Try to avoid fillers such as gluten, corn and wheat. Rice (particularly brown) and oatmeal are good fillers. Puppy Dry Food should be fed for the 1st year (be careful not to buy the “for large breed type” or you will grow your puppy too fast and that can lead to later health issues). Good feeds can be purchased at Agway, TSC, Petsmart or other such feed supply places. Whatever your choice of feeds be very choosy in your puppy chow, it is the most pivotal choice you will make in determining the overall health and longevity of your puppy. Allergies seem to be more prevelant in Lhasa apsos fed beef diets. All diet changes should be done slowly to prevent diarrhea and upset stomachs.
4-Newspapers for lining the crate and changing as is necessary (you need to figure about one regular newspaper like the NY Times will cover about 3-4 days). Do not use colored papers (like the comics for example), as these may contain dyes that are harmful to your puppy.
5-In the case of a younger puppy you may want to purchase: One container of dry puppy formula, “Just Born” or “Puppy Milk Replacer” for example. Canned liquid formula spoils too quickly so I suggest the dry type which keeps for long periods of time. This provision is only necessary if you are bringing home a puppy that is still not totally weaned or for the very finicky puppy that is taking extra time to adjust. Add just a teaspoon or two to the top of puppy chow along with a little warm water and mix. Let sit about 3-4 minutes…just enough to soften the puppy chow and then serve. Work on eliminating this process over a few days to a week as chewing helps provide strong teeth and is far healthier for the puppy than feeding soft foods. This mixture may be placed on a plate initially; then place puppy’s paws in food to encourage eating. This should only be necessary for a few feedings and always clean puppy up after meal time as mommy is no longer available to do it.
6-Chewy toys that can withstand puppy teeth…Nylon Bones, rubber chew toys, etc. Avoid toys that can unravel or break into smaller pieces like rope toys, rawhide, squeaky toys, or anything that could represent a choking hazard.
7-A small blanket or towel for the back of the crate once puppy has adjusted to the eliminating outside of the crate.
8-An appointment with the veterinarian may be scheduled for a routine well puppy check within three days of adoption and two weeks from date of adoption for follow up booster vaccinations, worming and flea treatment options.
9-A groomer should be located and spoken with regarding their practices and a tentative schedule should be set up for regular visits (remember a good grooming experience begins when a responsible pet owner brings their puppy to the groomer before they are so matted that brutality is almost necessary for mat removal) for your new puppy. A good groomer will also clean ears, eyes and trim claws. Do not ever allow a groomer to remove all of the hair above the eyes which can expose the eye to harsh U/V rays. Hair over the eyes is necessary for the health of the eyes.
10-A steel toothed brush without balls on the end of the pins for brushing (remember brushing is very good for the skin even on short hair and your puppy will grow to enjoy this time with you). Be gentle so as to not scratch and scrape the skin. Always keep a watch on puppy’s rear end as they can occasionally get feces caught in the hair. Left unattended this can lead to more serious issues and even death. Keep hair around this area clipped short to avoid this problem.
11-A collar/harness and leash. Choose a leash that is 6 ft. long (never use chain leashes as it only takes a single error to destroy an eye). The collar should be adjustable and consider nylon as leather collars often cause staining on lighter colored dogs.
12-Shampoo (I recommend Pantene Pro V Shampoo and Conditioner Combo) for the body and a tear free shampoo for the face.
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