If you own a Lhasa apso and would like to share with others what makes this breed so special, please send two (2) clear pictures to Kimberly@absosengkye.com.
Please also include:
Your name, your Lhasa's name, dogs age, and a short description for each picture.
Absosengkye maintains the right to change description due to space confinements.
Zach and Chelsea Truly Best Friends, just look at their smiles!
Lucy, Leo, Lily, & Robert
Here's a picture of my crew taken over the summer (Lucy), (Leo), (Lily) and (Robert).
 Addey is melding into our family extremely well. We call her Addey, it's short for Adidas. She plays all day with our other Llasa, Oliver, (a.k.a. Coca Cola) that we got from you 10 months ago and our 4 year old Brittany, Cocoa. She is even getting along well with our two cats, the male cat sleeps near her at night.Thanks! Lyn
Jessie is a Leap year baby and was born on February 29th, 2004. We've been celebrating her birthday on March 1st. Jessie has a sister, her name is Frankie Anne, Frankie's a cat. We love Jessie and are so happy she came into our lives.
One is from Christmas 2006, Jessie is in her Santa suit.
One is from a few back, Jessie is just waking up from her nap.
Caption One: Ah!? The life of a Lhasa, busy relaxing in my terrific playground.
Caption Two: OK!? Just one more photo of me for today!
Caption Three: Vincent doing the Lhasa dance, what a great dog!
We love our Sparky!
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Here are a couple of pics of our best friend Arlow (originally Taz).
Arlow was born June 13th 2007 and he became ours on September 2nd 2007.
Arlow has become our best friend and loves everyone he meets.
Thank you so much for assisting us in finding such a wonderful new member of our family. Steve and Maryann.
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Izzy update, he is doing well and is adjusting to our family.  It is amazing to watch him interact with Barbera, he knows she is a special person and reacts to her in a special way.  I included the pictures of Izzy and Barbara you wanted. He is the only dog who likes fruit for a snack i.e. watermelon and blueberries.