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Hi, Kim
I wanted to send you an update on our latest family member “Sparky”. He has adjusted quite well to his new life as King of the Household. He is great with everyone he meets, he has quite the sense of humor and acts like a clown, he loves to take walks to strut his stuff, he’s a great watchdog and our best buddy. Here is a picture taken recently after one of his hair cuts.. he’s so adorable! We love our Sparky! - Angie, Michael, John, Brianna, Mike Jr. & Corey
Tom and Carol blessed me the opportunity to purchase Lucas' Tuff Enuff in April of 2006. To them I will always be grateful as he has become my best friend. They were obviously as pleased as I when Tuffy became achampion on Thursday, June 28th 2007 at the Bainbridge Dog Show. Sincerest thanks to our Judge Mrs. Joan Goldstein for Tuffy's last needed points! Thank you also to McNulty Dog Show folks, and the Susque-Nango Kennel Club.
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Kimberly, I just wanted to let you know that Addey is melding into our family extremely well. We call her Addey, it's short for Adidas. We kept looking for a name of something that was black and white, and that one fit. Addey was "Minnie" on your website. She plays all day with our other Llasa, Oliver, (a.k.a. Coca Cola) that we got from you 10 months ago and our 4 year old Brittany, Cocoa. All three run around our yard playing hide and seek. The Brittany has taught Oliver how to point when rabbits are in the yard and it's funny watching Addey try to figure it out too. She is even getting along well with our two cats, the male cat sleeps near her at night. I just wanted to say thanks. I thought you'd like to have pictures for your website of the kids with the dogs and the dogs. Lots of people have asked for your website and information on your puppies. Thanks! Lyn
Chelsea and her cousin Gracie have a "playdate" after her grooming today.
Kristin's Bella!
Millie charms everyone who meets her.  We walk every morning and see lots of familiar faces and new ones too.  Both men and women stop to pet her and say how cute she is.  Even the golf carts that don't stop, call out how cute she is. She has this little habit of sitting up and begging.  She came that way already trained.  She can also stand straight up on her hind legs.  Very attention getting.  Thanks for selling her to me.  I have never been disappointed.  You breed great dogs.   Susan and Millie
This is Rocco, brother to Arlow. 
Brooklyn & Jerzee Awww!
Molly and Pearl are best of Buddies!