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 I purchased a Lhasa from you back in September of 2005.  Puddles is his name and we love him.   Now that he is older and the kids are in school all day we decided to look for a friend for Puds so he has someone to play with during the day.   Also my cousin is interested in a Lhasa as well.  She loved his demeanor when she met him.   Thanks Angel

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Show Winners
This is Baily...quite photogenic!
Baily with his family.
Easter Lily & Robert
Cinnamon and Littlefeet
Brown Sugar
Toby brought Joy to her owner in Life, faithful until her owner's last breath.
Oh Maggie...what more can a picture say?
Max likes to ice fish and is unafraid of the cold.
Emi-Joi in mid-leap (which is why her ears are standing up)
Emi-Joi and Bonnie, Say cheese please!
Chelsea's and Zach!
Muffin Once known as Taco was born blind, No adjustment issues here though! 
Paul  & Monna love Kipu more than life...this is their own words!
Larisa's Bella Ruby basking in the sand!
Opal in her Wonderful Vermont Home! Postcard Perfect!
Sue's Poppy Somba a very Handsome Boy
Boston Cream Pie now Bella Just Chillin Out! Pretty Baby.
Rob's Saggie so pretty!
Smokey -what a looker!
Cocoa w/Jessica - show time!
Rick and Jan's Lhasa luvs!