Absosengkye Kennel's Policies

 Important Note: Before proceeding I would like to say that we have worked very hard to breed Lhasa apsos that are as delightful to live with as they are to look at. We do not sell our Lhasa apsos with breeding rights within NYS. We rarely sell them with breeding rights and when an exception is made the cost is significantly more. We hope that you understand our reasoning behind this principle.


ALL puppies from Absosengkye Kennel will be registered with a limited registration unless purchaser is provided with a written statement clearly stating that puppy is sold with a full registration. Statement must also provide purpose of purchase mandating full registration. The Absosengkye Kennel name may not be used without express permission of owner/proprietor of Absosengkye Kennel.
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Preparation to show a Lhasa begins at a very young age.  Many factors will help the Lhasa apso be prepared for the show ring.  The number one experience key to a successful show career, in my opinion, is consistent socialization with a variety of people, places and things, from very young on.
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