Many plants and chemicals can be deadly if ingested by your Lhasa apso. Some are well know such as: chocolate, anti-freeze, and Holly berries. Others, however, are never suspect to the unlearned individual. I nearly lost a Lhasa apso to poisoning when she ingested some of my rhododendrons. I had no idea they were poisonous to the canine species and planted them right in reach of my teething puppy. Were it not for the quick thinking of my daughter Jessica {she located an internet page listing several plants poisonous to pets} my little Lhasa would have died}. The veterinarian was able to properly treat a very sick puppy thanks to this information. This 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week hotline is staffed by 25 veterinarians, including 5 board-certified veterinary toxicologists and 10 certified veterinary technicians. The center is an allied agency of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. I believe there is a fee associated with this service but it may save your pets life. If you ever suspect poisoning the following phone # may be of tremendous help. Keep this site in your favorites or at least post the # where you can easily locate it. Be sure to occassionally verify that the # is still correct and update as necessary.
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