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Preparation and organization is key to a successfull delivery.  The first picture depicts the most basic but essential items while the second picture incudes items that may not always be required but can prove invaluable in certain circumstances.
Photo #1: 5-8 bath towels & 3-5 washcloths (prefer red show less blood stains) heating pad & cover, full water bottle, dish pan (for puppy holding), hairbrush, scissors, dental floss triple antibiotic.
Photo #2 - all items in photo #1 plus: paper towels, puppy neck labels, chicken broth, bowl, nutri cal, natural cleaner, water bottle, coffee w/insulated mug, junk towels.
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This is Pumpkin going into labor at 6:30am on 1/22/11. This is her first litter and she is nervous. She feels safe in her crate.
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Pic #1: Pumpkin begins w/mild contractions. Pic #2: tail and head raised stronger contractions. Pic #3: sitting to force puppies down to birth canal. Pic #4 Pushing down to send force puppy out. Pic #5: Puppy crowning. Pic #6: close up of #5. Pic #7: Puppy is out.
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