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Pumpkin has 3rd puppy
Gibeon, a male, 3rd puppy is in the middle.
4th puppy crowing
4th puppy nearly out
4th puppy cord is cut jagged to help prevent bleeding, much like the mother rips the cord with her teeth. You can use the shredding method or simply cut erradically so cut is not uniform.
These photos provide step by step cord tieing. 1st measure cord twice length of puppy. 2nd lay beneath umbilical cord. 3rd make single knot. 4th tighten single knot. 5th make second single knot. 6th tighten second single knot. 7th cut about 1/2" away from umbilical cord and discard extra floss.
4th puppy is very unresponsive. He required about 15 minutes of agressive rubbing with a dry washcloth. I have shown with my fingers how to rub with the washcloth (puppy would actually be inside the washcloth providing better grip) to help encourage breathing. I inflated his lungs twice using a cpr technique and covering his nose and mouth with my mouth and gently blowing in. After the second attempt he began to breath better.  It took about 1/2 hour for him to totally stop gasping.  During this time I rubbed his body firmly and kept his mouth and nose free of mucus. Difficulty in breathing or still born puppies can often be saved by these simple steps. Message should only stop when puppy has stopped open mouth gasping.
Sterling, a male, and 4th puppy born is far left.
5th puppy was born while 4th puppy was receiving extra attention.
Kyanite, a male, is nearly dry and ready to join his siblings.
L-R Kyanite, Sterling, Gibeon 2 slate blue pups, very rare to have even 1.
6th puppy arrives.
Topaz, female, has arrived safely.
Pumpkin finally gets to relax and nurse her 6 beautiful puppies.