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"Each letter is presented as it was written. We have protected the privacy of our Lhasa apso owners by using only their first name or initials of their name."
Hello Kimberly,
Lily (born 2/2/06 -- your Reece's Pieces) is still a bossy little girl with a lot of Lhasatude….she is the smallest one of the bunch, but she clearly rules the roost. Leo (born 8/22/06 -- your Fruit Loops) is very tall with long legs and the goofiest dog ever…he is sweet and gentle, but doesn't back down when he feels like Lily needs to be put in her place. Since I had the picture taken, Leo now sports a puppy cut and is much lighter in color. His undercoat is a silver and cream color and once those black tips are trimmed away he looks like a different dog. I get many compliments on how striking his appearance is. My son and I get such a hoot out of watching their antics. Lucy, our oldest girl who was a stray, just stays out of their way. I've been amused by the fact that even though she mostly ignores them all day long she immediately becomes very protective of them if any strangers or other dogs approach. The dogs, particularly Lily and Leo, brought a tremendous amount of joy to my mom who battled cancer all of last year and passed away this summer….anytime she needed to have her spirits picked up, I brought the dogs over and they somehow knew just what to do. Funny, but I'm sure they miss her as much as we do.
Kind regards, Janet, Mom of Robert, Lucy, Lily and Leo
Hey Kimberly,
I'm happy to say that we are adjusting beautifully. I'm taking him out twice a day, at mornings and at night. And my neighbor's son will walk him during the afternoons. (I know, he will be spoiled rotten!). This weekend he spent both days out of the crate, so I'm working on making him go to a designated area of the house, so I don't have to take him out every hour.
This is the first dog I owned, and I have to say, it's a lot of work trying to keep the house clean, but on the other side I COMPLETELY ADORE HIM, its amazing how happy he makes me. I can already tell how smart he is.
Thanks for everything,
PS: one of my friends might want to buy a puppy, she might call you one of this days
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Tiki is doing GREAT!!! What a big love he is. He is getting along great with Dakota "our other lhasa" they are best friends and they always want to be near each other and boy do they love to run around the house and play with each others toys!Tiki sleeps with me and he does great! Everyone who meets him just falls in love with him just like they did with Razz. Oh i didwant to tell you it is funny when it rains he does not like to go on the grass. He hates to get his feet WET! I could not ask for a more loving and friendlier dog! Thanks, Christine
sorry i havent gotten back to you sooner, its been so busy around > here. Bella (her name now) is doing great, and her and teddy love to wrestle ( she really beats him up!!, but he gets back as her too) on the way home [through the country roads] she threw up a few times, but she hasent since shes been home (i think it was just all the hills) ...we decided to switch teddys food to nutro because he seems to like it more.. so we just bought him the adult food earlier today. she just had her first vet appointment on tuesday and the vet said she was perfect (thank you!!) do you know how much she weighed when we picked her up?? [ at the vet she weighed 4.2 pounds] because we would like to know if she lost or gained weight.
 the vet said to feed her 3 times a day and we are now feeding her a little less than 3/4 of a cup [and she still seems to be starving!!..but we know they will eat anything.. so we are just keeping it there] thank you soo much for a perfect dog!!
  1. S - has Nellie sold yet?? or how is she doing??? [it was such a hard > choice!!!!!]
Bella is sitting on my lap right now sleeping..we just took a long long walk and she tried to bite teddys legs while he was running and he almost ran over her, its so funny watching to two of them play! *thanks again and keep in touch!!*
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