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sorry i havent gotten back to you sooner, its been so busy around here. Bella (her name now) is doing great, and her and teddy love to wrestle ( she really beats him up!!, but he gets back as her too): )
On the way home [through the country roads] she threw up a few times, but she hasent since shes been home (i think it was just all the hills) ...we decided to switch teddys food to nutro because he seems to like it more.. so we just bought him the adult food earlier today. she just had her first vet appointment on tuesday and the vet said she was perfect (thank youu!!)
Do you know how much she weighed when we picked her up?? [ at the vet she weighed 4.2 pounds] because we would like to know if she lost or gained weight. the vet said to feed her 3 times a day and we are now feeding her a little less than 3/4 of a cup [and she still seems to be starving!!..but we know they will eat anything.. so we are just keeping it there]
thank you soo much for a perfect dog!!
  1. S - has Nellie sold yet?? or how is she doing??? [it was such a hard choice!!!!!]
Bella is sitting on my lap right now sleeping..we just took a long long walk and she tried to bite teddys legs while he was running and he almost ran over her, its so funny watching the two of them play!
*thanks again and keep in touch!!*
Dear Mommy,
It's already been 4 weeks since I left home and I can't
believe how fast the time has gone. I've gotton bigger
and stronger but I can't quite jump onto the couches yet.
My girlfriend Coco jumps up onto the couch and I try to
get there with her but I just fall a little short. I should be able to join her there in a fews weeks. Speaking of Coco I am sending you pictures of me and her having loads of fun as I attack her and we play. She's alot of fun and though I miss my brothers and sisters she's the best playmate ever!! She lets me bite her all over the place and never gets mad. We even play hide and seek. I am smaller so I hide under the tables or places she's to big to get to and when she finds me I run away. It doesn't take her long to catch me but I'm fast so I hide again and we do this over and over until we are to tired to play. I think she's a very pretty girl as you can see by her pictures but most of all we just like hanging around. My days have been very busy. My human Mom brings me and Coco to work with her and there's even another dog there called Muffin. I don't know why they called her muffin mom she's 100 times bigger than a muffin but anyway she's cool. I am still getting used to being upstairs while everyone has to work and I complain and let them know I don't like being alone. Most of the time Coco is with me so we play but sometimes Coco likes to play with Muffin and since I am still to little I may fall off the porch so I have to stay upstairs but that doesn't last for long. There's a human lady with gray hair who lives there and they call her memere(french for grandmother) see I'm learning french mom!! and I like her..but there's a human guy who they call Pepere(grandfather) and I REALLY like him..he's funny and he makes me dance when I see him that's how much I like him. After work my mom brings me home where I have 3 kids to play with and my human Dad and I love them all. They love me very much and play with me and I go to their ball games and watch them play. When I get dirty they wash me in this small tub they call a sink. I don't like that very much because I get cold but they snuggle me to keep me warm so I guess it's worth it..plus I smell good but that never lasts for long because I love to play outside in the leaves and dirt. I just wanted to tell you Mom that I miss you but I am a very happy boy and I hope you like my pictures. I love you.
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Kim, our new little girl is doing wonderful! She is eating and drinking just fine. We had a problem with her bowel mvmt, it was stuck in her hair, but being former owners of a lhasa, we cut out the poop and cut all the hair away and now she is great. I can't thank you enough. I will recommend you to anyone that asks me. I will send pictures and keep you updated on her life. I will also let you know how the suprise with my mom goes. Please feel free to contact me anytime for updates or for anything else I can help you with. Thanks again! Bernadette
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