Hi Kim,
Wishing you and your family a happy & healthy holiday and new year! It's been quite a while since I've sent you any news on the pups. Pebbles & BamBam are doing great. They are absolutely terrific pets and everyone in my family loves them. They have enriched our lives so much and we are just so happy to have them. Pebbles is a dumb blonde but she is so sweet and friendly to everyone. Bam Bam is very attached to me and reserved with strangers, but not unfriendly. He is also very smart. Their personalities are so different! At home, Pebbles is very obedient while BamBam is a little stubborn about doing what he is told. Outside walking is a whole other matter. Pebbles becomes very independent and won't listen while BamBam becomes the epitome of obedience. I can even walk him off-leash! It's never a dull moment and we enjoy every minute with them.
Hi Kim I wanted to send you an update on our latest family member ?Sparky?. He has adjusted quite well to his new life as King of the Household. He is great with everyone he meets, he has quite the sense of humor and acts like a clown, he loves to take walks to strut his stuff, he?s a great watchdog and our best buddy. Here is a picture taken recently after one of his hair cuts.. he?s so adorable! We love our Sparky!
- Angie, Michael, John, Brianna, Mike Jr. & Corey
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Oh, I love him so much! He is still my baby even though I have had him for almost a year. Thanks again! Amy
hi kim,
I can't believe Max is almost 7 months old, I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased we all are with him. He truly is just wonderful to have. Max does everything with us . In the fall he went to all the boys football & soccer games He loved all the attention from the other parents & kids. This winter for fun he loves the snow and being outside , My husband and sons have taken Max for little rides around the house on there snowmobiles which he really enjoy's .If you say the word ride he's right at the door. He truly is a wonderful addition to our home. Thank you again,
Kathy March 3, 2005
Hi Again!
Sorry to pester you. I just wanted to let you know that Pebbles & Bam Bam had their first visit to the vet last night. The vet said that they were "immaculate" (which you already knew) and that was a testament to the breeder. I thought you might appreciate hearing that.
Hi Kimberly,
I wanted to tell you how well our puppy is doing. She was vet checked and will get her rabies shot on 3/2/01. We are really enjoying her. She is so spunky and smart. She loves our lab and miniature schnauzer as well as the cat. I can say she does not love her crate but is adapting slowly. She is good about going outside but I still have to watch her carefully. What do you suggest for training – a smack on the butt or just a loud “no”? I always put her outside after. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Also she really loves to be outside playing with the other dogs but since it is the winter I am not really sure how long I should let her play outside. What is your opinion? We just love her so much and I am so happy to have met you. I hope everything is going well for you & your son. Looking forward to hearing from you.
PS. We named the puppy “Sadie”
She is wonderful. We all love her so much. She's very well behaved, playful, and the cutest little girl in the world. Thank you so much.
Dear Kim,
I am absolutely in love with the babies, whom we have named Maia and Sheba ( the latter is the fairer one). They have LOTS of fans here in Cooperstown, and many people have asked where they can get one. I do tell them about you. The girls are wonderful at walking around town with me without leashes, which I only pull out when there is some sort of danger. They are doing pretty well with potty training and they seem to adore one another. it could not have worked out better, really.
Hi Kimberly!
We had a good trip back yesterday, arrived home at 8:30. Zoe was great in the car, no whining or accidents or carsickness. She slept all night in her crate in my room with no accidents and no crying. Today she has been so funny, very cute and playful, following me everywhere I go. I left her in her crate for about an hour while I ran some errands and all was well. Her appetite has been good, she ate last night and 3 times so far today. Lucy and Tucker seem to have accepted her just fine, altho they seem confused by all the trips outside. No mistakes in the house yet today, I hope it continues this smoothly. She already seems to have her favorite spot in the yard to go. When she does her business I heap on the praise and she just about turns inside out with excitement. Thanks again for everything. I'll keep in touch and send pictures. Nancy
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