Dear Kim,
I would like to thank you for allowing us to be the parents' of one of your Lhasa Apso puppies. Nugget is a true joy and a wonderful addition to our family. As you know, she is the third Lhasa Apso I have had and she truly has her own personality. She follows us wherever we go in the house and cries in the morning when the kids leave for school. They absolutely adore her. She is a pampered puppy and sleeps on our bed every night. She also makes herself at home on our couches when we are all sitting watching t.v. together. She does not realize that she is a dog. In our eyes, she is one of children. We couldn't imagine not having her in our home. She was easy to house train and gets along so well with our other Lhasa Apso, Peanut who is 13-years-old. They are great friends and sleep next to each other. As you know, the journey to your home from ours was 10 hours round trip. We not only did the ride once, but twice in a two week period and we know that it was well worth it. You treat all the puppies as if they are your own children and I felt very comfortable talking with you on the telephone and having you ask me questions. This made me feel reassured that you truly care about these dogs and who takes them home. If, or should I say, when we are ready to bring another cute and loveable addition to our home again we will once again take the trip to New York state to get a puppy from you. Thank you again for caring so much for this wonderful breed of dogs. Nugget has brought us so much joy and love since we have brought her home. I can't believe she will be one-year-old in August. Our veteranarian told us that we "picked another good one" and that she could tell the breeder took good care of her.
Thank you again and we will keep in touch. SincerelyThe Z. Family
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Once again, I cannot thank you enough for our new puppy! She is BEYOND our expectations! We marvel at her loving disposition – she just loves to be loved and that is so wonderful to us! She’s adjusting quite well. We are still working on the crate “tantrums”, but she’s getting a little better each night. We got her a kiddy pool yesterday and she just laid in it for minutes on end! It was so cute! As for her name, well, this all came up so suddenly (getting a puppy that was actually available right away) that we hadn’t had time to think of one. It was difficult for my husband, as Junie was the only name that came to his mind. So we both really liked the name you had given her. So she is officially named “Leah Joy”. In Greek, Leah means “glad tidings” which was what finding her was to us and Joy is what she’s brought back into our lives! She’s amazing in every way! Thank you again! Noel
To Ms. Kim,
Our Lhasa is everything you said and more. He plays ball with the girls and yet still loves to snuggle with me. Our cat Jerry is his best friend. He faithfully lets us know when someone is at the door and relishes the pats on the head provided by my husband when he comes in from work. Thank you for our Stanley! He is the best. Nancy and family
Hi Kimberly!
We had a good trip back yesterday, arrived home at 8:30. Zoe was great in the car, no whining or accidents or carsickness. She slept all night in her crate in my room with no accidents and no crying. Today she has been so funny, very cute and playful, following me everywhere I go. I left her in her crate for about an hour while I ran some errands and all was well. Her appetite has been good, she ate last night and 3 times so far today. Lucy and Tucker seem to have accepted her just fine, altho they seem confused by all the trips outside. No mistakes in the house yet today, I hope it continues this smoothly. She already seems to have her favorite spot in the yard to go. When she does her business I heap on the praise and she just about turns inside out with excitement. Thanks again for everything. I'll keep in touch and send pictures.
Kimberly Logue/The Lhasa Lady
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