Izzy update, he is doing well and is adjusting to our family.  
		It is amazing to watch him interact with Barbera, he knows she is a   
		person and reacts to her in a special way.I included the   
		pictures of Izzy and Barbara you wanted. He is the only dog who   
		likes fruit  
		for a snack i.e. watermelon and blueberries.
I am proud to announce our new puppy Chelsea made it home, in her new crate, with no crying or throwing up. She was a perfect lady for the entire 3 hours plus ride home. She never complained once!
Her first night was also stellar. After an initial tiny pee on the carpet, no problems to report. She had no accidents in her paper-lined crate all night. Zach took her out at 7am, and she performed both bodily functions, peeing AND pooping. The pooping part was a surprise, as she was too excited to eat any dinner last night.
She's a little nervous, and timid at first. Imagine going to an entirely new place, kinda like going to middle school!! Last night, she enjoyed sitting in my lap for the longest time, just hanging out. I wanted a lap dog, and we sure got one!! She had one encounter with a large dog in the park last night and wanted to chase him, as he walked away, totally disinterested. It was nice to see her shyness slowly melting away. This morning, she's starting to play more. She goes in and out of her crate, and seems to love the safe harbor of her crate. We have seen her licking a lot more today than yesterday, especially Zach's toes!
Today, we will make another trip to the pet store for more supplies. Maybe we'll give our new puppy car seat a try.
More pictures to follow! Kimberly, thank you for our new family member. We love her so much!!
Beth, Rob and Zach
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Kim, I wanted to provide an update on Peppermint Patty. WE LOVE THIS DOG! I can't tell you how much this dog has come to mean to us in the short time she has been with us. She is fabulous!
After picking her up on that Saturday, we brought her home to meet our lab, Molly. Peppermint was very firm with Molly, but not aggressive at all. She quickly let our lab know that this was her new home and she was here to stay. It took about a week for the two to become best friends, and now you will find them playing with each other in the house or chasing one another on the lawn. After they have had enough, you will often find one napping near the other.
Peppermint is almost completely housebroken and is very well trained outside. She loves to explore the tall grass behind our house. Within the next couple of weeks we will begin to train her with the invisible fence. She does great on the leash, although she much prefers to be free to explore.
She has a very sweet temperament and loves to spend her evenings curled on Tom's lap. She still sleeps in her crate at night, but I have a feeling that before long, she will command her place in one of the kid's beds.
She travels with us whenever possible and does very well. We just returned from a soccer game and she is a bit tuckered because of all the exercise and attention.
I just wanted to say thank you for our new family member. It was almost like she adopted us and she has fit in very well.
I have actually directed several people to your web site because I am committed to seeing Cookie and Licorice find great families as well. Peppermint will visit Crescent Pet Lodge this week for a check-up and her spaying. I will forward a copy of the spay certificate once I have it. She is healthy, very active and much loved. She has such a great personality and she loves to play. I thank you again.
Hope all is well. Alicia
Kimberly Logue/The Lhasa Lady
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