As I have shared with many of you, breeders of the Lhasa apso are in short supply. Ethically, there are certain parameters a good breeder should always follow. It is important to understand that over breeding a female will not only deplete her but ultimately have an adverse effect on her puppies. While I would love to have a puppy for every customer as soon as they seek to adopt one, I simply will not compromise what is right to meet that demand…no matter how profitable it ultimately may be nor how popular it might make me. As I have shared many times, my reputation is of the utmost importance to me and I will do nothing to damage it.
I cannot guarantee that every puppy will leave here to be perfectly well behaved, never suffer with a health issue, live until 20 years of age and keep itself well-groomed at all times. I can tell you that we strive to bring you the best and guarantee every puppy with a lifetime genetic and congenital health guarantee that far surpasses any that you will find.
Because I often have quite a few people on my waiting list I have determined that a better way to organize the order of my customers is necessary. I have set up this page which will be used to list customers in order based on receipt of a non-refundable $50 deposit ($100 if you plan to adopt two babies around the same time) . It is my belief that taking deposits on puppies that are not yet born is inappropriate, but this small deposit will help me to better determine those that are serious vs. those that really are undecided. This deposit will be used towards the price of your puppy/puppies (you may hold up to two places on the waiting list) and is not required to purchase a puppy only to put you ahead of those that are not quite as committed. The deposit will give you a number on my waiting list guaranteeing the order in which you will be contacted when the puppies arrive. This deposit insures the more serious buyers will be given an opportunity to choose first.
Do not be deceived or hesitate to be placed on our waiting list based on the number already on it. Some have chosen to wait until the "time is right", others are waiting for something very any case...generally speaking...most people wait no more than six months unless of their own choice.
Please understand that this decision was difficult to make but necessary for me to be able to do a better job of meeting your needs and insuring the seriousness of buyers.
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1. James S. (F) Hold till Spring 2020 *
2. Tenzing A. (Party-wait for Fall/Winter 2019)
3. Donna S. (F - sm sable)
4. Joseph & Betty D.(Spring 2020)
5. Vicky C. (Gold & White Party)
6. Kathryn M. (M-Black Fall/Winter 2019)
7. Christine R. (F)
8. Shruti G. (2 Light Color)
9. Peter M. & Alice C.(2 Bl & Tan)
  1. Andrew L (M-December 2019)
11. George & Jodi G. (M-Cream/Sable)
12. Joanne S. (F-Bl)
13. Allan M. (M-Bl)
14. Terri W. (M) (End Of Summer 2019)
15. Gayle G & Waymon R.
  1. Tommy & Molly N (M-mostly Bl)
17. Barbara Y.
18. Irene G.