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Lesley Kendall is creating a unique line of cards solely for our Lhasa lovers. She attended Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada. She also studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto Canada. Lesley is credited with earning two Addy Awards for her art illustrations while employed as the Art Director for the Polk Edition of the Tampa Tribune Newspaper. She has worked as a Freelance Artist for the Lakeland Historical Society, The NYS Maple Producer's Association, designs brochures; designs and paints signs; creates signs for baby's rooms and was a teacher of children's art classes at Polk Public Museum, FL. Lesley has been a student of music and art, as well as a student of piano, clarinet and voice. Lesley Davies Kendall has been married to her husband Robert (Bob) since August of 1977 and lives in the Catskills of upstate NY. She has experienced the joy and satisfaction of motherhood, raising three amazing and talented children. Besides her many artistic endeavors, she provides private piano lessons, works as a teacher's aid, and most recently illustrated all of the art for a children's book "Sammy and the Bully".
These original designs by our very own Lesley Kendall are currently available @ 1 for $3.00 or a box of 5 for $12.00 + s/h (s/h for 1 card/$.60 & 5 cards/$1.30). The two Lhasa apso puppy card fronts are designed as Birth Announcements but can be provided blank as well. Announcements are set up for you to fill in your puppy's unique information. This provides a delightful way to share the arrival of your new Lhasa apso baby. Boxes of 5 include a mix of the two puppy announcement designs. The card with the full coated Lhasa apso front is blank inside so each could be used for any thoughtful purpose you may have in mind. Please support this effort and share the joy of the Lhasa apso with someone you love. Other designs to come. Please email me to place your order and watch for a Paypal button to arrive soon!

'Sammy and the Bully' is a children's book written by author Connie Spanhake and illustrated by artist Lesley Kendall-Davies.
Not only does this book have a cute little red squirrel character named 'Sammy', that kids will love, but has a great message about bullying.
Order yours today!!!
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