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Absosengkye Kennel *Lhasa apsos of Distinction*
401 Cape Horn Rd.
Stamford, NY 12167
607-652-4083 607-435-1634

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Agrees to adopt an Absosengkye Lhasa apso. The adoption fee is $________This puppy will require good nutrition, fresh water, a dry, safe place to sleep, a complete grooming no less than every 8 weeks or daily grooming should you decide to keep your lhasa in full coat, and most of all your love. You make this commitment for a lifetime. Should circumstances ever require the placement of your new best friend, you make a promise today to be sure the new home provides all of the above. We make a lifetime commitment to you as the breeder as well. Should you ever need any assistance in problem solving, boarding, Emergency Placement or information related to this breed in general, we will be here to help. Lhasa apsos are an outstandingly loyal breed with amazing intelligence and a wonderful spirit.

Special Note:_

Worming Dates: ________ ________ ________ Vaccination Date: ________ ________ ________

Absosengkye Kennel’s Guarantees and Policies:

If your Lhasa apso dies from Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Canine Parvovirus, or Licterohaemorrhagiae within 14 days of purchase, return veterinarian certificate confirming cause of death, along with AKC registration papers and we will replace your Lhasa apso puppy with another puppy from the next available litter at no charge. We do not recommend Leptospirosis for any puppy less than 6 months of age unless you have issues with rats, mice or bats. This shot has caused deaths in small breeds. If you choose to give this vaccine it will be at your own risk!
If your Lhasa apso puppy is ever crippled with congenital hip dysplasia, we will replace your Lhasa apso puppy with another puppy at no charge.
If your Lhasa apso puppy develops a genetic or congenital abnormality that is life threatening, we will replace your Lhasa apso puppy with another puppy of your choice at no charge. In case of both of these types of defects it is required that a veterinarian provide medical documents confirming the defect is of a congenital or genetic nature.
ALL puppies from Absosengkye Kennel will be registered with a limited registration unless purchaser is provided with a written statement clearly stating that puppy is sold with a full registration. Statement must also provide purpose of purchase mandating full registration. The Absosengkye Kennel name may not be used without express permission of owner/proprietor of Absosengkye Kennel.
ALL guarantees apply to the original purchaser of puppy, and are non-transferable. No refund will be provided beyond the replacement of puppy by Absosengkye Kennel. Breeder at no time assumes any liability for veterinary expenses or any other expenses incurred for the treatment of any illness whether genetic or otherwise. If said puppy should become ill during the first 7 days of re-homing to purchaser it must be returned to me (the breeder), immediately, {transportation is the sole responsibility of purchaser} if veterinary care is to be sought. Any expenses incurred by the new owner that chooses to use an alternative veterinarian will be the sole responsibility of new owner. Any exception to this agreement must be covered by an additional, written agreement and signed by both the purchaser and breeder. __________
                                      Purchaser’s Initials
6. All Deposits Are (Non Refundable) but can be transferred when necessary.
7. Temperament is not guaranteed. I make myself available to each of you. It is my pleasure to guide you and provide oversite that will help you raise a wonderful Lhasa apso. The techniques used are proven to be successful but the application will be up to you!

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