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Sandy Passed away on September 3, 2005. Toby attended the wake with her service vest on. It was very sad and hard to watch, but I remember it well. Toby sat next to Sandy's casket like a statue, not making a sound, waiting for motion that never came. There were many in attendance and almost everyone came to me and commented on how well behaved she was. It took Toby a good while to adjust to her "mama" not being there for her, but eventually she became glued to my side.
Toby had now taken on the role of my comforter and companion and she played the role well.

Shortly after, Toby & I relocated to Arizona. After some time we met Tracy, my present wife. The first time I took Toby over to Tracy's house, Toby greeted her and instantly, took over. She made her way to the living room, grabbed Tracy's fleece throw which was kept on the couch and pulled it over to a spot and curled up on it. After that first visit, every time we went back over, it was the first thing Toby would go look for. Tracy learned very quickly how intelligent Toby was.
Tracy was employed at an assisted living facility and would take Toby to work with her quite often. Toby would be waiting at the door to go with her in the morning and on the days she went, she was in her glory. There were a few residents that did not want to get out of bed in the morning and Toby quickly learned which ones they were. Tracy would tell her to go get them up and off Toby would go. From room to room she would jump up on the bed and as soon as that on would get up, she'd go to the next room and do the same. She loved it. She also learned that certain rooms were "off limits" and after being told "NO", she would go as far as the doorway but no further. She was truly amazing to watch.

Through the years Toby learned the noise of airplanes and came to understand that they were up in the sky. Whenever she heard one she would look up for it and follow it across the sky until she could not longer see it. A more intelligent dog I have never seen. I know this may sound a bit biased and I am sure I am, but this was my life with and amazing creature that taught me many life lessons. Toby truly changed my life. After Sandy's passing, I can truly say that if not for Toby, I would most likely not e here today. She saved my life.

Tracy often asks, "if Toby could talk, what kind of accent do you think she would have? I laugh but it gets me thinking....I am still not sure how to answer that question. Toby crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 26, 2016.
Tobalina-Grace Oct. of 2002
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